My name is Nicola..and I am a Twitterer.

Aloha from my first blog entry! I set up this account last year and it was destined to be my amazing e-porfolio, however clearly life and procrastination got in the way!

I have started this blog to comment and reflect on my experiences with ANZ23mobilethings. It is exciting to be a part of this learning journey with so many other ‘library enthusiasts’ and building a PLN. Also there are probably only 5 things on the list which I can honestly say that I am confident in using…so let the learning begin!! 🙂



It has taken me awhile to embrace twitter. Admittedly I could never understand what all the fuss was about ,how on earth could you share information with only 140 characters?! Furthermore what is the deal with the hashtags?! ###

However, in the last six months I have changed my opinion and consider myself a ‘twitterer’. My experiences with the network have made me realise it is an amazing and definitely worthwhile resource. You can actually share and discover a lot of information in a small space. I was also thrilled to discover the numerous library professionals and libraries across the globe that have twitter accounts, which means a constant flow of information. Furthermore I can connect with a network of people who are passionate about libraries, their future and the profession.

I tweet from the account @Ms_NicolaMarie and although my tweets are mostly ‘library’ related I do cheer on my football team and comment on other bits and bobs along the way:) I am still learning.. I am a serial ‘re-tweeter’ and am yet to fully master the hashtag..however I am enjoying the experience, connecting with amazing people, libraries from all parts of the world, building a PLN and learning a lot along the way.

So for those of you who are not a ‘twitterer’, get tweetin’ 🙂


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