Through a lense…


Welcome to my second blog reflecting on ‘ANZ 23 mobile things’! This weeks mobile tools are Instagram and flickr.


Firstly I thought I would reflect on the experience I have had with flickr in a library service. I was lucky enough to complete one of my library practicums last year at the amazing State Library of QLD. One of my projects over a four month period was to contribute to their photostream on flickr. This enabled me to curate a set of copyright free photographs from their collection, add metadata, tags and link them if possible to any relevant newspaper articles in Trove. It was from this experience that I was able to see first hand that flickr is a a great photo sharing/management application. Furthermore it is a very worthwhile and useful tool in promoting libraries collections. People can log on from anywhere in the world and share amazing resources, also interact with others by adding their own comments and descriptions.

If you haven’t browsed the State Library of QLDs phototstream I highly recommend you have a look, also check out my themed set ‘Here Comes the Bride’ πŸ™‚Β (I was very excited to have my name anywhere on the website of the library I adore!! πŸ™‚ )


After only obtaining an iPhone recently after years of saying I would never need or want one (I am sure there are plenty of us around!), I was yet to explore Instagram. Β This week was my big opportunity to sign up for an account and experiment. I decided to choose a topic and take photos during my travels this week and upload them to my new account. Since I am a rather large ‘tea enthusiast’ I took photos of anything that caught my eye related to tea! These are some examples below that I spotted…a herb tea cup planter at Bunnings and a beautiful tea cosy display at Mary Ryan’s bookshop in Milton.



You can also follow me on Instagram at the account msnicolamarie.

This app would be a great way to share images of library resources and events. Also showcasing new acquisitions to the library.

I thought a little project for me this week would be to take some photos of my current library workplace (which doesn’t use social media) and upload them to Instagram that I think would be worth promoting and sharing.

There is a lot of truth in the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, especially for libraries! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Through a lense…

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  2. I love the bridal photos! I love how they are all so real and the studio shots made me wonder when did ‘we’ as a society, branch away from that being the expected location for official wedding photographs. Maybe when photo studios started closing?

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